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Currently all of our orders are dispatched from our Sydney warehouse within 24 business hours of receiving your order.  We ship to Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, China, UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.  Shipping is FREE for all orders within Australia and FREE for all orders internationally that are $100 AUD or more in value (essentially for our international customers buying 3 units at a time means free shipping).  

In the future we will be looking to expand to ship to even more countries.  Our Australian customers can expect their orders to arrive within 3-5 business days of ordering and our international customers within 5-10 business days (subject to public holidays).  

Regardless of where you live our customer service team is only an email away at any time to help you with your order - in the unlikely event there is an issue with tracking or delivery it's our job to help investigate that to remove any stress or inconvenience from you!  

Yes, once your order has been placed you will be provided with a tracking number and clickable link to see the status of your shipment.  If you are having any difficulties whatsoever please email our friendly customer service team at  

All of the Essential 8 ingredients are vegan.  Our Omega 3 DHA/EPA Algae Oil is sourced from sustainably farmed algae in water free from heavy metals. Our Vitamin D3 is sourced from plant lichen, unlike many other supplements on the market which use Vitamin D derived from sheeps wool. Our Vitamin B12 is synthesised cyanocobalamin which is the most stable form of Vitamin B12.  Additionally, supplement dosage recommendations for Vitamin B12 are based on studies looking at cyanocobalamin, not other forms of B12.    

We created the Essential 8 to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.  Your daily dose of kyndness is simply 2 capsules per day with a meal, at whatever time suits you.  We recommend looking at Essential 8 as an extension of your food rather than as a supplement.  The nutrients in Essential 8 are critically important for you to feel at your best so it's best to build a routine that works with your lifestyle whereby you're not missing any days and thus keeping your nutrient intake levels consistent.

At Nutrikynd we are very proud to have produced a TGA listed product.  TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration.  The TGA are an Australian Government body that regulates the supply, production & advertising of therapeutic goods.  

In order to achieve a TGA listing for the Essential 8 product it means our entire supply chain has to comply with extremely stringent regulations.  If a supplement is not TGA listed, particularly supplements manufactured in USA, there is very little governance so it's difficult to know exactly what is in the product you are consuming and whether or not the ingredients are safe and of high quality.  You can learn more about the TGA here.  

If you look on the front of the Essential 8 jar you will see AUST L  317182 - this is what tells you that a product is TGA listed or not.  You can read about AUST L numbers and exactly what they represent here.

Why is all of this so important to us? Because ingredient quality varies greatly and often brands use inferior sources to save dollars. You can, for example, be sure that our marine algae ingredient is free of heavy metals and uncontaminated. We could of manufactured our product without a TGA listing but some of our greatest customers are ourselves and families so opting for anything but the best was simply not an option.

At Nutrikynd our mission is simple.  We want to create more kyndness in the world through improvements to human health, less harm to animals & greater care for our planet. To achieve this it starts with a trusted brand with products that are not only effective but are safe & responsibly sourced.  That is why Essential 8 is a TGA Listed product - a Government body symbolising the highest of supply & manufacturing standards in Australia for therapeutic goods.    

In addition to being TGA listed it was also terribly important that we sourced ingredients that were free from contamination, particularly our Omega 3 DHA/EPA, which when sourced from fish often contain heavy metals.  We source our Omega 3 DHA/EPA oil from Life's Omega who grow algae away from the ocean systems in controlled & sustainable environments free from heavy metals. Our Essential 8 is also free from Carrageenan. 

Ultimately, the products we develop are consumed not just by our customers but also by ourselves, our friends and our family members.  Sacrificing on the purity & quality of our products is not part of our brand DNA. 

Our products contain essential nutrients with no nasties. The only side effect is greater vitality.

Yes, Essential 8 is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but we recommend consulting with a medical professional to ensure you don’t receive too much Vitamin B12 if pairing Essential 8 with a prenatal vitamin.

Essential 8 has been formulated for adults, so it may not be suitable for kids. Children have different nutrient requirements and depending on their age, they may need different amounts than what’s provided in Essential 8. For more information, please read our blog on Essential 8 and children.

The Nutrikynd shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing when stored below 25 °C (77°F) in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our products are developed by Nutritionists and Doctors, and we use only the highest quality ingredients. Everything including our ingredient sources, manufacturing processes, packaging, shipping and our charity initiatives have been carefully considered.  

Sustainability is hugely important for us.  That is why we have used a glass jar and are constantly working to make our packaging even more sustainable.  We also source our Omega 3 from sustainably farmed algae oil away from ocean waters.

Unfortunately we cannot ship to Parcel Locker or P.O boxes.